What are you looking for?
1. We are currently interested in manuscripts that pertain to the following:  short travelogues, radical/experimental poetry, manifestos, translations, unique nonfiction, cultural critiques, essays, essays on art and design, and essays on architecture. 

2. We will also consider manuscripts that consist of black and white photography, xerox art, collage art, illustration, comics, hand-drawn maps, etc. Individual works of art may be sent and will be considred for our art/print series. 

Manuscripts that do not fall within these categories will not be read.

We accept submissions year round.


How much should I send?
We only read one submission per person during the reading period, so make your one shot count. We’re flexible when it comes to overall length but obviously try and keep it short and tight. Aim for 15-25 pages. For visual media submissions, aim for 10-15 pages. These are rough ballpark lengths. Just send your absolute best work. If we dig it, we’ll figure something out. Photos, collages, and artwork should be sent as high-res JPEG or TIFF files. Digital and scanned film photos will both be considered. We will not check out your Instagram feed. Send us a well-curated selection.


Is there a reading fee?
In lieu of a reading fee we ask that you purchase one of our chapbooks. This will give you a sense of who we are as a press and the quality of writing/art we are drawn to. We won’t judge your submission any differently if you choose not to purchase a book. But know that if you do you’ll be helping us out a great deal.


Do you accept simultaneous submissions?
No. We don't want to fight with other presses for you work. Sorry.


When will I receive a response?
Everyone will receive a response within 4-6 weeks. We’re looking to publish 10-12 chapbooks/zines a year. Depending on how many submissions we ultimately accept, these totals could change wildly. Chapbooks will be published in an edition of 100 copies, zines in editions of no more than 50. Art prints will be in edition of 100. Subsequent print runs will be considered after conferring with authors or artists.


Will I be paid if published?
While we can’t offer monetary payment, published authors and artists will receive 1/4th of all print runs of their book for free. If an author or artist needs more than 25 copies, we’ll then offer a 2-for-1 discount through our online store.


How do I submit?
Send your submissions - as either a .pdf or .doc attachment - to us HERE. Please have your last name and title of manuscript in the subject line [ex: Last name, Title]. Also keep cover letters and bios short and to the point. We very rarely read them. But if you feel the need to toot your own horn, keep the tooting to a minimum. Other than that you're pretty much all set. It’s email. Email is easy. Please don't just send us a link to your instragam, flickr, or personal website. That's lazy. Don't be lazy. 


Questions? Get in touch 

 Would you like to write a review of one of our chapbook? Or, are you a shop owner or do you run a distro and would like to carry our chapbooks? 

Please contact us! We offer wholesale discounts for retailers!

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